Friday: Buffalo’s Green West Side

After lunch, we’ll tour a few interesting urban farming sites and visit Urban Roots, Buffalo’s co-op garden center. Radiating out from Urban Roots is a vibrant network of community gardens, experimental plantings, even a park designed by architecture students.

You’ll tour the Massachusetts Avenue Project's aquaponics operation (inside a strawbale greenhouse) and view our first mature crop of tilapia. You’ll also talk to some of the young architects who have created a row of totems bordering Urban Roots, and are working on a pocket park that extends from this border.

And right down the street from Urban Roots is one of the most wildly colorful front gardens of Garden Walk. It’s photo op no one can resist.


  1. Urban Roots impressed me; not only as a co-op, but in the staff, plants, and garden art. I found a piece by Doug Sargent (www.sargentroofing.com/sculpture) called "Arranged." It's made from a piece of a reclaimed industrial cast iron used as the vase with round and flat stock steel flowers. Just perfect for my (sculpture) garden in Raleigh.

  2. Wow beautiful place. I loved it.

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