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allenYou won't be here during Garden Walk Buffalo, but we're coordinating visits to some Garden Walk gardens. Here's some of the comments we've gotten on our garden tour, the largest in the country:

"Gardening, like happiness and obesity, is contagious, and urban pioneers on the West Side have inspired neighbors to garden and so attracted new urban pioneers...The movement has been driven in large part by the mind-blowing Buffalo Garden Walk, America's best event of its kind, held the last weekend in July." - TheAtlantic.com

"I want to be surrounded by gardeners with more imagination than I can conjure up. I need motivation-and company. It was not until I experienced the extraordinary Garden Walk held in Buffalo, New York, that I realized that some people live in neighborhoods in which everyone gardens. Plants get traded over the fence, and there are garden parties that last long into the evening, with gardeners drunkenly sharpening their Felcos and stumbling into the perennial border, cocktails in hand, to finish the weekend's work. It sounds dangerous but thrilling." -Amy Stewart, Fine Gardening Magazine

"Wings and waterfalls are not the only think putting Buffalo New York on the map these days.  Neighborhood gardens are now drawing green thumbs from around the country.  ....the town will blossom with green energy & enthusiasm. The streets will be abuzz with giddy gardeners of all levels, swapping tips and tales..."  -Kerry Ann Moore, Fine Gardening
"My weekend in Buffalo was fantastic, I can speak about it only in superlatives. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I've been involved with during my time with the magazine, so forgive me for gushing! Most people wouldn't think of Buffalo as an epicenter of American horticulture, but it looks like gardening may be their official pastime." - Stacey Hirvela, Senior Associate Gardening Editor for Martha Stewart Living (photo right), on Living on 112, The Martha Stewart Living Radio Blog
"The annual Garden Walk filled the city's more gentrified residential neighborhoods with throngs of strollers determined to drop in on as many luxuriant backyards as possible." - Kerry Jacobs, Metropolis

"...congratulations on what I think has to be considered as one of the most outstanding horticultural weekends in all of North America!" - Terry Ettinger, gardening writer, radio & TV host, Syracuse, NY

"I was knocked out by the flowers and all the people on the streets and the general atmosphere... the architecture is something to behold." - Aldona Satterthwaite, past editor-in-chief, Canadian Gardening magazine, Toronto, Ontario, from an interview by Andy Parker, WGRZ

"Urban renewal is coming to this old industrial center on Lake Erie, and with it a rejuvenated green scene, inspired in part by Garden Walk Buffalo, the largest event of its kind in the nation." - Organic Gardening magazine

"Buffalo has become a site of the triumph of imagination over physical reality in two ways that have caught my heart. The first is the inkpool spread of neighborhoods that have gone mad with gardening." - TheAtlantic.com

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